Don't mess with school!!

I could write a book or two about my teaching career, but let's leave the long stories for some other time… That's in the past; some memories are good, some not so good, but here I am - alive!!

Instead, let's travel further into the past and explore how it was in school back then. I have some 'fresh' pictures from my Austrian trip to share with you, and first day of school (in Slovenia) is a perfect day to show you pictures of an old Austrian school (pictures taken in ethno museum) and doing some research what has changed over the years…
In what kind of school would you rather be/learn/teach: this one on the pictures or the one we have today? Eh??

A nice welcome to the school...:

...and a teacher, little blackboards, a tired classroom and the walls, full of interesting learning materials, waiting for you: hang your stuff here:

...and the lesson begins:

(isn't this a practical math 'helper', eh?!)'s very easy to learn about numbers, because you learn from the every-day life and nature:

...and that's the answer to our big problem of our times - how to use your pen correctly.

(that's a really big problem in our schools lately. Children don't learn it and hold their pens the wrong way a lot!)

...and now, the best part! Rules, discipline, order! Something to think about! It's not about 'just anything', it's about respect, ethics, relationships. Isn't this the biggest problem of our time?? For example: what are hyperactive kids? They are the kids without limits, they don't know/feel the border lines, they go over them. So, who will teach them how to create their own limits, if not we, the adults?? Ok, ok, this is not a topic for today. We'll talk about that some other time in the future, some day, on a nice school-day, ok?

So, what do you say - is this a school of your dreams? ; )

Posted on September 1, 2009 and filed under education, photography, travel.