... might change.

Just when you think you have a perfect plan, something gets on your way and you have to make a change or...

This mountain was my dream summer destination last year. Isn't it beautiful?

That's how it looked the first day of my vacation:

I just love, love, love Austria and scenes like this:

But life would be too perfect if everything went according to our dreams, right? ;) The next morning our mighty mountain surprised us with this: 

Yes, snow in the middle of July! Here is the proof:

So, what do you do when your plans change? Do you run away, do you find something else or you say: ok, lets deal with it?

I decided to jump into the middle of the change! I went up there:

and enjoyed a 2740 m high view and 20 cm deep snow.

And I was not dissapointed... even though my Julys were usually spent at the seaside or lakes and in a T-shirt :)

But Austria is surprising in many ways, so stay tuned to learn more! (And don't forget to check what are your reactions on changed plans).

Posted on January 30, 2012 and filed under misc, photography, thoughts, travel.